Decision Support Program

A Trusted Source for Information About Genetic Testing for Your Members


  • Media coverage and advertising is creating interest, but a lack of expertise limits appropriate adoption
  • Lack of access to trusted advisors who can guide members about genetic testing
  • Unnecessary costs for inappropriate testing
  • Sub-optimal clinical consequences due to inappropriately used tests and misinterpreted results.


  • Web- and phone-based educational resource that helps members to make more informed decisions, identify gene-related risks, and understand when and why genetic testing is indicated
  • Pre- and post-test decision support and genetic counseling educates members about available testing and results interpretation
  • Family Medical History and BRCA (inherited breast cancer disease) risk tools
  • Board-certified genetic counselors assist physicians and pharmacists by providing education and consultation


  • Turn-key benefit available to members
  • Readily available genetic testing information and evaluation help educate members about the clinical utility of genetic testing
  • Web access to resources and genetic expertise
  • Integration through existing member websites

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